Forrest Whitaker in Iowa City

CBS Sunday Morning
used a clip from
Forrest Whitaker's speech
for a segment on
celebrity endorsements.

Rudy Giuliani
in Bettendorf

"Technology changing
presidential politics"

ABC Nightly News
used a clip of
this youTube video
of the former mayor.

Bioeconomy 101:
Cultivating Iowa's 'Photosynthetic Space'

Bike Library:
A New Spin on Old Bikes

Interview with
UIowa artist Jon Winet

Just outside Waterloo,
Merle Bell's family farm is a
40-acre green paradise.
A proposal for a coal plant
there was recently shelved.

The Gazette

Six on Six Basketball

KCRG aired this in 2003


Kao Kali Yang is the author of
The Latehomecomer

An interview with
George Stoney

Interview with
Real News founder Paul Jay
later hired me
to follow Ron Paul
in Des Moines.

Music video for
The Oliver Twists' song, "Play the Part"

See also: "Playing the Part"
(2009 Interrobang Film Festival)

Music video for
Chrash song
"Clap Jordan"

Screened in Chicago & NYC,
this is also in the collection of the
Palm Beach Institute
of Contemporary Art.

Graphics and footage for
a live electronic music
show called Underground.

This is a 2002 animation
for a Brazilian song
by Os Mutantes- El Justiciero.

Promos and

Iowa Shares Connection
A promo for Iowa Shares
Home Connections.

Golf Prairie
A promo for Iowa Shares
Environmental Advocates.
1000 Voices hired me
to tape some of their
archive of Iowa stories.

This is a
short commercial for

Documentary and

White Teachers /
Diverse Classrooms


I helped turn a
popular textbook
into a DVD for Stylus Publishing

Getting in on
the Conversation


Screened around the world,
this video has interviews with
Tim Wise, Jane Elliot, Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu,
Dr. Na'im Akbar, Jennifer Holladay,
Peggy McIntosh, Victor Lewis and more.

"We Set the Stage for Success!"


This video debuted at a conference
for TRiO personnel in Indianapolis.

In addition to ABC Nightly News and CBS Sunday Morning News,
I've also worked with BBC, CourtTV, MSNBC, Fox News, C-SPAN and C-SPAN2.

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